Leon Lamont - Bio

Leon Lamont is a DJ, drummer, filmmaker, and producer who shares his time between New York and his home town of St. Louis, MO.  As a DJ, Lamont is open format and can span from the most popular, current music to the most obscure underground tracks.  Lamont is best known on the downtown NYC scene as a professional drummer and has played with such artists as Melvin Gibbs, Vernon Reid, Joshua Redman, DJ Logic, John Medeski, Chris Wood, Chocolate Genius, Biz Markie, Anti-Pop Consortium, Apollo Heights, Dead Prez, Martina Topley-Bird, and Genes and Machines to name a few.  Known internationally as a producer of experimental electronic music, Lamont is what All Music Guide calls, "the difference between an artist and just another beat monger".

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